OCD Multi Stage Paint Enhancement Detail – £299.00


Our multi stage enhancement detail is our deeper level of paint enhancement with the options of paintwork protection add ons. The multi stage combines the use of a heavy cutting process, medium fine second stage and a final pass to offer that desired look.

  • Degreaser applied to lower half of vehicle
  • PH neutral snow foam
  • Hand washed using PH neutral shampoo
  • Grit guarded buckets for safe wash
  • Wheels, arches, door shuts cleaned, degreased and tar removed
  • PH neutral wheel cleaner applied
  • Premium towel dry
  • Hot air dryer
  • Glass cleaned
  • Under chassis clean
  • Paint decontamination treatment including full clay bar
  • Wheels removed where possible and protected
  • Window protection applied
  • Plastic and trim dressing
  • Multi stage paint enhancement process
  • Surface prep wipe down
  • OCD hybrid wax protection

Please Note * Car required overnight (depending on protection additions)

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