What is PPF?

OCD Paint Protection Film is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

Paint Protection

There are several rational reasons why you should consider “cosmetic insurance” for your car.

Firstly the newer water based paints have nothing like the resilience of the older solvent based paints. Previously you could expect 3 to 4 stone chips over the same number of years, now you can get that in a run down to the store.

Added to that in the UK the roads have (as we all know) been deteriorating for years and routine cleaning to remove debris no longer happens in much of the UK. Couple that with record levels of grit and gravel spread on the roads every winter and the fact that when roads are prepared the chipping’s are not pressed into the asphalt any longer (councils use the motorist to press these chipping’s down now).

Paint Protection

PPF Options & Pricing

Bumper Only - £400

Due to customers wants and the different shapes of some vehicles, we can offer just single parts. Front bumper is our most popular single part.

Standard Front End - £700

The most cost effective package we offer is the partial front end. As identified with the image, this covers full front bumper, Wing Mirrors, part wings and part bonnet only

Bumper & Bonnet - £1000

Some of our customers are more than happy with no lines and for that reason opt for full bonnet & bonnet coverage only. For some vehicles is this the ideal coverage

Full Front End - £1500

This package offers amazing protection for daily or weekend used vehicles. This package covers full front bumper, full front wings, full bonnet & wing mirrors or headlights.

Full Front End Extended - £1800

Offering outstanding protection for all the main areas of the vehicles we see defects. Covering full front end, Sills (rockers), a pillar and forward edge of the roof as well as lower rear bumper sections.

Full Vehicle from - £2000

This package is ideal for anyone really wanting peice of mind protection for there vehicle. This covers every aspect of the vehicle.

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